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The Correr Museum, the heart of Venice

The Correr Museum is historically the “mother” institute of the Civic Museums of Venice, and has its origins in the exceptional collection donated to the city by Teodoro Correr in 1830. The museum, located on the wonderful St Mark’s Square, opened in 1921 and was then laid out anew in the 1950s and 1960s.


With its rich heritage of works of art, antiques, documents and books, it is one of the main centers for the historic memory and cultural identity of Venice. It now needs major renovation, of the layout and displays, of the architectural structure itself and of the technological and functional plant.


Friends of Venice Italy and Venice International Foundation support the work of the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice: a new layout of the Canova section, first step for new itineraries and services, restored regal settings and new extraordinary views over the city for Venice’s most representative monumental museum within the unique setting of St Mark’s square: the future Great Correr.


Let’s work together for a greater Correr!