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Antonio Canova is the greatest European artist of the neoclassical period, universally admired and honored by his contemporaries for the aesthetic, poetic and emotional qualities of his art. Venice was where he trained and worked; here he found ideas for his new art and the first clients and promoters of his successful career. And he was also admired in the United States. In 1816 he was commissioned to design the George Washington monument in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina (this work was lost in the fire that destroyed the Raleigh State House in 1831).


The Correr Museum and the Canova Collection

Friends of Venice Italy and Venice International Foundation are working together alongside the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice on Sublime Canova, an essential part of the main project Towards the Great Correr.

Focusing on Antonio Canova and the collection of his works at the Correr Museum, the aims of the Sublime Canova project are:

to provide for the restoration and conservation of some of the works: inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the sculptures is necessary and some important works require specific operations.
to expand, enhance and revitalize the section of the museum dedicated to Antonio Canova, reorganizing the layout of the artworks so they can be viewed as a coherent collection while increasing their emotional impact.
to provide funds for the new exhibition systems, such as climate-controlled display cases, which will enhance the viewing experience while ensuring the correct protection and conservation of the artworks.
to reinforce the coherence of the collection, emphasizing its Venetian character and optimizing the relationship with the rooms in which it is displayed, thus allowing visitors and scholars to experience the collection as a whole and acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the works and the artist.
to arrange the rooms that will house the renovated Canova section, all of which feature neoclassical decorations, requiring restoration work to the frescoed, vaulted ceiling, the wall decorations, doors and marmorino.


Sublime Canova is a multi-faceted project conceived to honor the genius of the great Antonio Canova and the museum where the collection is displayed: the Correr Museum, with its priceless patrimony of artworks, artefacts, manuscripts, documents and books. Sublime Canova is an essential part of Towards the Great Correr project.


The Sublime Canova is a project by Civic Museums Foundation of Venice, supported by Friends of Venice, Venice International Foudation and the Comité Français pour la Sauvegarde de Venise.

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